Saturday, July 11, 2009

Great collection of furniture for your home to choose from

Furniture is the collective term for the movable objects which may be use for supporting the human body like seating furniture and beds, provide storage, or hold objects on horizontal surfaces above the ground.

Natural Area Rugs

Furniture is one of major part of your home so before buying furniture for your home you should be aware of some facts.

Here are a few tips to help you buy furniture for your home.
• When you are going to buy furniture for your home make sure that there is sufficient space for it in the house. For example you may want to buy a sofa but realize that you have space only for two armless chairs then purchasing a new sofa is useless and wastage of money.

• For Latest furniture brand you can search online furniture on internet according to your requirement. Visit the websites of different furniture manufacturers and view their products and see if you find anything that you like.

• The furniture may look good in the showroom but may not in your home. So try to imagine the piece of furniture in your home before purchasing the furniture.

• While in a furniture shop observe how they have decorated the room and how they have placed the various accessories in the room. This could give you ideas on how to arrange furniture and decorate your house.

• There is no doubt that it is good to buy the best quality products that you can afford. But do not buy something that is way beyond your budget, just because it is of the best quality. Set a budget and stick to it.

• If you are not able to find the piece you want ask if you can place a special order of your choice. If you are placing an order for a particular piece of furniture ask what changes can be made in the piece and decide whether you want to make them. Select the fabric that you want.

• Some stores allow to you to take the piece home and see how it fits into your house and you can return it if you do not like it. Return furniture if it is not right for your home though the store may charge you a small amount.

Furniture is our most costly home decorating expense, but there are many ways to make your furniture the star of the show, without breaking your budget!

Here are my top 5 furniture fixes on a dime!

*Paint. Ok, that’s an obvious one, but did you know you can paint anything these days? Yes, even that hideous laminate bookcase from 1974. All you need is a primer made specially for non porous surfaces. I recommend Kilz Original or BIN primer. A coat or two of good primer, and any surface can be ready for paint, from tile to plastic to fiberglass. Now paint with interior enamel, and you have an ugly duckling transformation in an afternoon!

Beam Sectional

Hudson Sofa

Beam Chaise

Beam Chair

Penny Lane 8'x11'6" Shearling Area Rug

Ofidio Stool & Magazine Rack by Facundo Poj

Biblos Book Table by Facundo Poj

Park Avenue Loveseat in Base White

Alison Lamp by Carson & Company

Perch Lounge - Alcazar On Walnut by Offi

Kitchen & Dining Room Shutters

Kitchen Shutters

Piazza Quattro Tier Fountain

Ventura Three-Tier Fountain in Pool

Preserved Topiary Double Spiral Juniper 84 inch

Bonsai Satsuki Azalea - 25 years old

Huntington Library Wall System-Parker House

Grand Revival Dark Double Pedestal Dining Collection-American Drew

Grandview 4 pc Entertainment Center-Parker House

Bob Mackie Home-Signature Feather Round Dining Collection-American Drew

Sterling Library Bookcase Set C - Parker House

753-P8008 Full Leather Sectional with Side Table-Wholesale Interiors

Deluxe Home Bar

Piano Desk

Solid Cabinet

Scholars Chest (with secret doors)

Chinese alter table

Harounian-Hadji Jalili Persian Oriental Area Rug 10x13 - $ 11200.00
Hadji Jalili is the reference to a great rug master of Tabriz. Exceptional colorations and details create the exact replicas of the original palatial carpets from Tabriz, Iran. Hajji Jalili is hand knotted in Pakistan by true artisans of the finest wools and natural vegetable dyes. The intricate designs and patterns are timeless for this heirloom quality carpet.

Majestic Persian Oriental Area Rug 12x15 - $ 9660.00
These area rugs are constructed of 100% wool hand spun and are vegetable dyed to create a beauty that is complemented by the superior craftsmanship of this hand knotted collection.

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Personalized Name Art

modern furniture contemporary

*Slipcovers. Now making your own slipcovers is possible, there are several patterns available at your fabric store to help you in measuring and sewing them. However, it is no small task. Another option to fixing up worn upholstered furniture is using the art of disguise. Drape a pretty quilt over the back, or cover just the bottom cushions in envelope style covers, in a coordinating color or print.

Add throw blankets draped casually over each end of the sofa or chair. Add comfy throw pillows along the length, and by the time you’re done, people will only notice the accessories, not the piece itself. Dining chairs with removable seats can be recovered with fabric and a staple gun, or a small cushion with a skirt can be made to hide the seat and legs. You can make simple slipcovers that look similar to a regular pillowcase to slip over the back of a dinged up ding chair as well.

*Add character. Sometimes our furniture is in good shape, but is simply a bit boring. Add some wood molding or appliqués you can pick up at the home improvement store. A simple line of crown molding along the top of your kitchen cabinets can take them from blah to custom. Change out the hardware…just pick up cheap wood knobs and paint them for a one of a kind look. You can also make your own drawer pulls out of just about anything…old silverware, twigs, even toy cars! Just use your handy drill and attach a screw. Paint the inside of bookshelves an accent color, or add a skirt to a leggy table.

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*Add tile. You can sometimes get broken tiles for free from a flooring shop and you can break them further and attach them to a dresser or chest in a mosaic pattern. Add a little grout and you have a one of a kind piece, for next to nothing! You can also just add one tile on the diagonal to the front of each drawer or cabinet front. You can even drill through the tile with a ceramic bit and add the drawer pull right over.

*Finally, consider adding personality and family to your pieces. Cover your scratched coffee table with a sheet of beveled glass, and slip under all your family snapshots. Make photo copies and decoupage them onto your worn out work desktop with some white glue or decoupage medium. Frame your kids masterpieces and attach to your kitchen cabinet doors to add pizzazz.
Remember, it’s not about the size of your budget, it’s what you do with it! Furnishing your house doesn’t have to mean taking out a home loan…use your creativity for one of a kind décor your family will love!